BMW GPS Interface R18

The BMW GPS Interface R18

The GPS/USB Accessory Connector for  BMW R18

The BMW GPS Interface R18 enables the connection of navigation systems or other electrical consumers, f.e. USB sockets, to all BMW R18 models.

The GPS Interface also solves the problem of creeping battery discharge when connecting 3rd party navigation systems such as  GPS of the Garmin Zumo series or TomTom Rider devices. In addition, all other additional devices are safely switched off by the BMW Motorrad CAN bus so that the battery is prevented from discharging.

Without using the BMW GPS Interface, the battery will discharge unnoticed even though the ignition is switched off. The Interface reliably disconnects the power connection between the motorcycle and the navigation system and protects the battery from discharging.

The BMW GPS Interface R18 is available in 2 versions: the standard version with open cable ends for all navigation devices and the Y version which has the accessory slot for the original BMW Navigator.

It is ideally connected to the prepared BMW SZ Accessory port of the R18 under the tank on the left of the frame.

Our Guarantee:

-easy assembly

-never again empty batteries

Made in Germany

Made for BMW Motorrad

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